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Don David Wiley offers Traditional Nahuatl Healing sessions as part of the training program for his Tephatiani apprentices or Nahua Traditional Healers.

The Nahua Weather Working path has a rich healing practice. Many have felt the blessing of this type of healing work. Tepahtiani apprentices are initiated Weather Workers, also called Graniceros or Quiatlizques, who have taken on the additional work of learning the ancient healing practices associated with the Nahua tradition.

During a Tephatiani Clinical Healing session, Don David Wiley performs healing work, while approximately 19 of his apprentices observe and learn. The sessions are held under strict confidentiality.

Given that these sessions are offered during a training day, and in an educational environment, the fees for the healing sessions on this clinical day are reduced considerably.

Please contact Don David Wiley´s Consultorio if you would like to receive more information, click here.

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Sessions are 45 minutes long.

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There are six appointments available & they start at 9 AM.

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Please feel free to recommend this offering to those who you think may benefit or could be interested in shamanic traditional healing.
– Temazcalli –

Nowadays, there are many places in Mexico and other regions in the American continent that still benefit from the medicinal advantages that this ancient practice offers.

A temazcal, from the Nahuatl temazcalli, ‘house where you sweat’, (temaz, ‘sweat’, + calli, ‘house’) is a steam bath used in traditional medicine and the daily life of the peoples of central Mexico.
These baths have been used by various indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica and North America for medicinal purposes of detoxification by sweating by herbal infusions.
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