At Grandfather Fire’s imperative, Don David played a central role in founding and establishing several international organizations — most notably, the Sacred Fire Foundation and the Sacred Fire Community.

As chairman of the Sacred Fire Community, Don David oversees the training and initiation of firekeepers around the world as well as the curriculum development of programs in the Lifeways series, which provide teachings and initiations to deepen peoples’ connection with the cycles of life. He is the developer and primary leader of the Lifeways Ukilái (Men’s Retreat) program, which he conducts annually in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. He is the leader of the Lifeways Joint Initiation Council, which oversees the initiation of young men and women into adulthood. Click here for more information on the Men’s Retreats, and other Sacred Fire Community’s Lifeways programs.

In his work with the Sacred Fire Foundation, Don David works to seek out and develop relationships of respect and cooperation with elders of ancestral traditions from around the world. The Foundation makes grants to support the continuance of spiritual traditions around the world, and works to bring awareness of the indigenous hearts perspectives held by these traditions to people in today’s world.

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