April / 21 / 2021

Healing Day / Santa Cruz

Thank you for offering to host a Healing Day for Don David Wiley!

Down below you will find a link to the Support Document the OnSite assistant will need to set up the space where Don David will be offering the Healing Appointments.

The schedule for the day will be populated by the office once the appointments have been confirmed.

Don David Wiley will have his Patient Card Travel Case with him, with all the cards he will need.

The final Healing Day Schedule will be confirmed 3 days before the date, to avoid any overlappings and misunderstandings. Should you receive any last-minute cancellations and have people interested in getting a Healing appointment, it will be up to the Host & OnSite Assistant to find out from David if the patients can be included in the schedule.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need anything else.


Lunch Break 12:45 – 1:45


Confirmed Appointments (*)

OnSite Assistant: ???

Mara’akate Sitting in: ???

Support Documents

Healing day on site assistant support Document

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