SPa 2021

November 18 to December 2

Host Name: David Wiley


Point Person Name: Lisa Lichtig


SMS Contact:

Name of David’s OnSite Assistant: Jonathan Merritt


SMS Contact:

Name of the Ritual Pilot:


Name of the Ritual Manager:


Name of David’s OnSite Assistant:


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Support Documents

Below you will find all the documents & information you need from the Office, for the successful outcome of your event. It is always a pleasure & our utmost goal to offer a effective support mechanism for David & everyone involved, being in service in the best way possible.

We admire your devotion, conviction, and commitment to your Mission.

We hope that everything was properly addressed and no detail was overlooked. This minisite is meant to help you rest assured everything related to the logistics and Don David Wiley’s

Office has been taken care.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything from us.

coordinating team

Support Documents

Ritual Pilot:
Patrick Hanaway

Ritual Manager:

Lisa Lichtig

On-Site Assistant:

Jonathan Merrit

Learning to be an Elder Assistant


Host short orient for GF

Ritual Manager Checklist


Office Contact information


4-6 Days prior to arrival – All attendees are required to receive a PCR test (no substitutions are acceptable).

Everyone must limit their exposure during this 4-to-6-day period, please make every effort to limit your activities to what is “essential.” Being vigilant about your decisions and movements will ultimately reduce your exposure and ensure a successful quarantine period.

Those who develop classic SARS-CoV-2 symptoms while at Loblolly will be required to leave and will not be able to participate in any activities.


From the time that you have your PCR test until you arrive, it is essential that you and each person in your In-home Pod comply with Quarantine Protocols outlined below.

These rules apply to everyone else with whom you are living in your home – spouse, partner, children, parents, etc. If they aren’t following the guidelines, then de facto, you are not following the Post-Test Protocols; thus, putting everyone else, and the event, at risk.

With a negative PCR COVID test you will not be required to use a mask onsite. Otherwise, you will need your mask and keep social distancing. If you do not get your results on time you might not be able to go on Pilgrimage if this is the case.


You will need to get a PCR test 3 days before your departure date. We can gladly help you schedule one, with Dr. Lourdes Alvarez referral. We will need the following:

  • Full names, just as they appear on your passport
  • Passport numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Departure date

The tests are $2,300 and you need to pay cash. We can ask the laboratory to come to Casa Xiu or Posada la Presa.

Results are sent to us the day after the test and we will print it for you