The Nahuas

The Nahuas are made up of various ethnic groups - the Jesuit Xavier Clavijero pointed out that there were seven groups: Mexicanos, Tlahuicas, Colhuas, Tlaxcaltecas, Tepanecas, Cholcas and Xochimilcas - who share the Nahuatl language - in some of its variants. The Spanish called them Aztecs because the Nahuas claimed to come from Aztlán, the place of the heron. Currently there are more than 2 million Nahuas in Mexico, making them the group with the most speakers of an indigenous language in our country. They are located mainly in the south of Mexico City, particularly in the Milpa Alta Delegation; and in different regions of the states of Puebla, Morelos, State of Mexico, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Guerrero, Oaxaca, among others.

The Nahuas and Don David Wiley

The Spirit of Fire, also known as Grandfather Fire, or Tatewarí by the Huichol people, contacted David Wiley on March 17, 1996. This happened in Cuernavaca, Morelos in Mexico. Don David Wiley was then crowned or initiated as a Weather Worker. He was granted the role of Olochtli Huei Amatlacuilo, group chief organizer, for Don Lucio in 1997 & became the medium for Grandfather Fire; Axihuatakame in Huichol or Teotlixiptla in Nahuatl.
En 2003, después de 7 años de entrenamiento y aprendizaje bajo el ala de Don Lucio, Don David Wiley fue iniciado como Tepahtiani o Nahua Healer y también recibió permiso para llevar a cabo la Ceremonia, realizar adivinaciones para las personas llamadas a la tradición, y si su llamado a la ruta era confirmado, corona (iniciar) ellos. Por los deseos de Don Lucio, su altar y grupo fueron transferidos a Don David poco antes de su fallecimiento en 2005; convirtiéndolo en el alcalde de Caporal o Temachtian (maestro) para el grupo y líder de la ceremonia. Para educar a otros en la tradición de continuidad.

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