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Although sometimes it might seem impossible to get a hold of Don David Wiley, because of his crazy busy schedule spreading the wisdom and being the bridge between cultures, translating the indigenous perspective and cosmology into words that modern minds can integrate into their automatized lives, travelling near and far to accomplish that which Grandfather Fire has laid out;he has made sure that those who need him can get a hold of him, reaching out to his staff.

You can contact the Office Staff

Leticia gamboa


Hafiz Antonio Balboa


If you are interested in engaging any of the activities that Don David Wiley leads and offers you can email us and we will be glad to reply to your requests. We will happily help coordinate the best time, place and way to do so.

The office is open from Monday to Friday & only closes during Christmas vacations at the end of the year. You can find Don David Wiley’s Office & Consultorio in Tepoztlan, Morelos, México. This little town blessed is by a landscape that takes your breath away, sheltered by the Tepozteco Hill in a land of mysticism, arts, & relaxation, but above all good & revitalizingenergy. Tepoztlan is 90 minutes away from Mexico City.

Don David Wiley’s unique activities


He lends his physical body to the Spirit of Fire to communicate clearly to anyone who wants to listen to his ancestral wisdom during Public and Specialized Audiences.


He leads programs directed to men, guiding the masculine energy through the singular cycles of life in different settings and sacred places around the world; laying the foundations that to create an International Network of Men that can restore the values needed by the masculine to be able to relearn how to live a good life, with harmonious relationships with themselves, with everyone and everything around them.


He offers online counseling sessions to aid individuals who want guidance regarding their life choices and challenges.


He offers Nahua & Huichol Healing appointments.


He guides individuals who have a calling and are truly devoted to following a Spiritual Path.

To register for an appointment with Don David Wiley

Use our Consultorio Monthly announcement listings to identify a date & location where Don David will be offering healing appointments that interest you, please send us an email so we can record your interest to

Appointments will be offered to the appointment requests in the order we receive their communication.

Once the requests & logistics of the day have been sorted we will send out appointment confirmations. In some cases, you may receive a notice that your email was received after registration was closed.

Once your appointment is confirmed you will get directions and other details to ensure you have what you need.

If you have any questions or comments about this process please let us know!
We welcome your feedback.

Leticia Gamboa & Hafiz Antonio Balboa
Office Staff

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Don David Wiley Office


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Weekdays: 09:30 - 5:30
Saturday and Sunday in ceremonies

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