Chalma & Chalcatzingo

Host: Shron Brown
Phone: 828 717 7178

Thank you for offering to host Grandfather Fire & Don David Wiley!

Down below you will find the logistics information for the Fire and links to Support Documents for Hosts & OnSite Assistants. We strongly recommend you please read the Short Host Orientation for a Grandfather Fire document, that was created to guide Promise Holders through the needed steps in organizing everything effectively, hopefully without losing a step!

After the event, please schedule a post-event call with the Office.

All and any feedback is greatly appreciated in order to make the best out of your time and efforts in hosting Grandfather Fire & David!

Don David Wiley’s Staff

Support Documents

GFF Docs

Ritual Pilot:
Patrick Hanaway

Ritual Manager:
Cindy Fogle

On-Site Assistant:
Alison Arnold

On site assistant support docs

Host short orient for GF

Ritual Manager Checklist

Healing Day / August 13

9:00    Cindy Fogle*
10:30  Lisa Laurenzo
11:15    Sarah Mehta

Lunch Break 12:45 – 1:45

1:45   Carolyn Pilgrim
2:30  Kemisola Lofinmankin
3:15   Lynda Saffell
4:00 Robin Lockwood*
4:45  Justin Berry – Seguro Installation*

Confirmed Appointments (*)

OnSite Assistant:
Alison Arnold

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